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You will not have time to gather essential items after receiving a call to lead a Latent Cause Analysis.   Although you might have been trained in Latent Cause Analysis, or even have lead them in the past, you will need to fall back on a defined process, and use predetermined tools.  If you do not, your organization will be inconsistent in its approach to investigating its problems because different people will investigate in different ways, use varying vocabulary, and dig to different depths.  Inconsistency is a death-knoll of a Latent Cause Analysis effort. 


How the Go Page Started

This Go Page was actually developed for Failsafe Network's Licensed Affiliates.  They requested guidance from Failsafe to help them abide by the contract they had signed which stipulated that they follow Failsafe Network's methods.  Once this Go Page had been developed, they suggested that it be made available to everyone.  Many highly successful investigative agencies use the Latent Cause Analysis Go Page Principles to assure their readiness to respond in a rapid manner. 


Accessing Our Materials

Our training materials are being made available to help you be consistent in your Latent Cause Analysis.  You can access them through the links in the sidebar.  With the exception of the last item (Failsafe's Recommended Practice), they are presented in the order in which you will probably need them.  The Recommended Practice is a comprehensive reference that encapsulates all of these items.