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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can we schedule an on-site Latent Cause Experience™ Class?
    Please contact us today to schedule on-site training, or to learn more please visit the Latent Cause Analysis page here on our website.
  • What is unique about Failsafe's approach to learning from things that go wrong?
    This is a GREAT question. The uniquenesses are many and profound. FIRST, we know of no other learning method that focuses as much on EVIDENCE as our methods -- bar none! Our 4-day class used to spend 2 full days on evidence -- what it is, how to gather it, and what to do with it after it's gathered. "Everything we need to know about our existence is staring us right in the face." SECONDLY, our methods REQUIRE the people involved in the problem to identify the causes of the problem, as well as any actions. MOST IMPORTANTLY, our methods BAN BLAME but REQUIRE INTROSPECTION. No-one, at any level, is allowed to blame other people or things. All contributors (and finger pointers) are REQUIRED to see themselves as part of the causes of the problem.
  • What is IntroSpect™?
    IntroSpect™ is a series of 5 online videos, each of which are meant to be viewed by peer groups during a 2 hour meeting. It's ultimate purpose is to CHANGE PEOPLE because when people change, everything else changes. IntroSpect focuses on one of the most debilitating characteristics of human nature -- our inbred inclination to BLAME other people and things. It BANS BLAME, but REQUIRES INTROSPECION. IntroSpect has been designed to be introduced to the highest levels of an organization first -- filtering down as time goes on. IntroSpect is EXERCISE-DRIVEN. That is, some very simple concepts and suggestions are made, and then it's up to the viewer to actually go through with the exercises. In this respect, it is important that IntroSpect™ be driven by an IntroSpect™ advocate.
  • What is Latent Cause Analysis™?
    Latent Cause Analysis™ (LCA) is Failsafe's "brand" of Root Cause Analysis (RCA). In 2006, Failsafe changed the name of its methodology from RCA to LCA to help distinguish itself from the myriad of RCA methods that had emerged in recent years. Whereas many RCA methods are very similar, Failsafe's LCA methods are unique in that all contributors to an event are required to answer "what is it about the way I am that contributed to this incident, and what am I going to do about it?" "The Way I Am" is "latent" within me.
  • What is the difference between IntroSpect™ and Latent Cause Analysis™?
    Latent Cause Analysis was presented to live audiences over a period of 4 days. Most of the examples and stories in the Latent Cause Experience were about large, catastrophic events. Although we ALWAYS stressed that LCA OUGHT to be used for smaller events (in order to avoid the larger events), most people walked away from our live classes waiting for the BIG one to happen so they could use the techniques taught in the class. IntroSpect is an online product. It was designed to be viewed in 4, 2 hour segments over a period of several months. Most importantly, it has a totally different emphasis. There's no way someone can walk away from IntroSpect thinking that "this is only for large problems."
  • When was IntroSpect™ introduced?
    It was introduced at the 2019 HPRCT conference in Colorado Spring, CO.
  • I'm not sure my upper management will buy into any of this and am hesitant to start down a path that will not be supported.  Have you ever heard this kind of comment before?
    I've been around for a LONG TIME, and trust me, this is one of the most common comments I hear whenever suggesting pursuing a deeper understanding of things that go wrong. But I will NEVER support this kind of comment with "well then, I guess you just better go with the flow and play it safe." Please think about this.... no matter where you are in your organization, you can influence other people with a simple mindset: LEAD BY EXAMPLE! If you learn to ALWAYS look at yourself as part of any problem you encounter, the people around you will ADMIRE you and eventually do the same. There are two sides to the question: "should this be driven from the bottom-up, or top down?" Please be aware of both sides! I cannot imagine an upper level executive that would frown on any part of the organization that fully embraces IntroSpect. Just the opposite. That executive will want the same culture EVERYWHERE. BE THE CHANGE!
  • What is on the GoPage and what is it used for?
    The GoPage contains free information about how to learn from things that go wrong. It includes definitions, flowcharts, interview questions, instructions on assembling a GoBag, and much more. We plan on adding new and updated content often. Check it out HERE.
  • What are some of your favorite sayings?
    Everything you need to know about improving your life is contained within your failures -- EVERYTHING! Ban Blame. Require Introspection. What is it about the way I am that contributes to the problems around me, and what am I going to do about it? If you think writing action items are going to solve your problems, you have no idea what's causing your problems! There is absolutely such a thing as a ROOT CAUSE. In fact, there are about 8 billion of them living on this planet. Change people, or change people. Our desire to ACT overpowers our need to UNDERSTAND. We must try to understand to such an extend we're convinced we'd have done the same thing if we were that person. We are all on a merry-go-round. Our jon is to make it visible! Until WE see OURSELVES as part of the problem, THEY will never change. What you tolerate grows, what you condone multiplies.
  • If I become an Affiliate, will Failsafe give me work?"
    No. That is not our intent. We will place your photo and information on our website, and we will occassionally talk about our Affiliates, but we make no promises about getting you any income-generating work. The perfect Affiliate is one that already has an established consulting business, but wishes to add to their offering's by using material developed from Failsafe's methods.
  • How can I get my management to embrace or accept what Failsafe teaches?
    We often hear people say that they love our techniques and approaches but their management is not ready for what we offer. You will wait FOREVER if you wait for people to be ready for any of our offering's. IntroSpect, Latent Cause Analysis, and our VLOG series are the vehicles that will CHANGE the people you wish to change. Dont' wait for them to change. Use our materials to change them. The best approach will be to start with whatever group you are in, or whatever people you have influence over. Start there. Put our approaches and principles into practice at your own level, and watch what happens. Your supervisor, manager, VP, or executive board will want to know how you did what you did. No business person will turn down an idea that is already working. If they do, quit and find work elsewhere.
  • What companies have you worked with?
    It's a long list includings ConocoPhillips, Phillips 66, Ledcor, Enbridge, Shell, Eastman Chemical, Michigan State Police, New York State Police, Fuji Film, Sinclair Oil, Luminant, Vista, American Electric Power, SWEPCO, Petrozuata, Alcoa, Altura Energy, BP, Brock, Chesapeake Energy, Glow Resources, Grew Wolf Drilling, Trinidad Drilling, Stoneham Drilling, Penn Maritime, Linn Energy, Lubrizol, M&R Trucking, Motiva, NCRA, Office of Pipeline Safety, Ontario Power Generation, Sulzer, Suncor, SWIFT Energy, Terra Industries, Waste Management, Willamette
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