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The Latent Cause Analysis™
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Latent Cause Analysis™ Exists:

  • to change culture

  • to help people learn from things that go wrong by looking at themselves as part of their problems instead of having them blame other people and things. This is what separates LCA from all other endeavors.

  • to help people embrace failure as their most valuable learning opportunity, encouraging its exploration rather than running from it as they might have in the past.

  • to help people to stop before they try to solve their problems -- and focus first on evidence for guidance.

  • to help people look into the true causes of their own problems, no matter what the answers might be.

  • to help people to go beyond the human when trying to understand the causes of their problems, no matter what the circumstances look like ahead of time.

  • to help people to take the time to translate what they are learning, so that that others can understand.

  • to help people confront their significant latent issues (What is it about the way I am that contributes to the problems around me)?

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