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The Latent Cause Analysis

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Accountability Contract


It is strongly suggested that your "client" agree with the following "contract" prior to initiating the Latent Cause Analysis. If your client agrees, then you know his/her intent is pure. If they do not agree, be very suspicious of their intent. The Accountability Contract is a SIGNAL of the client's true reason for performing the LCA.


Use your judgment as to whether or not to verbally communicate this contract to the people involved in the incident. If fear is present, then this contract should be communicated by management to all involved parties. If there is no fear, then the mere mention of this contract might generate fear.


Remember, the prime reason for talking about this contract with the client is to know their true intent for doing the LCA. Failsafe strongly advises you NOT to do the LCA if the client does not embrace this contract.


Contract Terms

  • Recognizing that ALL failure is caused by PEOPLE, and that all people learn IN RETROSPECT.

  • All people that contributed to this event will be considered a STAKEHOLDER.

  • All STAKEHOLDERS will be part of the stakeholder team.

  • No stakeholder will be allowed to blame this incident on any other person or thing.  Instead, all stakeholders will be required to see themselves as PART of the causes of the incident.

  • In return for this open and honest reflection, the management of this organization promises that they will not punish anyone as a result of participating in the Latent Cause Analysis.

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