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The Latent Cause Analysis

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Example of a GoBox


The Go-Concept is helpful in all stages of a Latent Cause Analysis. BE PREPARED, or you will not be able to gather the rapidly evaporating evidence! One of Failsafe's clients (Mr. Tim Mullowney) took this advice to heart, and created THE BEST GO-BOX we have ever seen. Shown below are photographs of its contents, as well as links to a list of contents, along with pricing and availability information.


PS: Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page to see links to supportive information!

Supportive Information


A Go-BAG is also part of the Go-Box. Although not pictured above, the Go-BAG, includes the following self-explanatory contents, in the approximate order in which they are needed:


  • Investigative Flow Chart

  • Investigative Wallet Cards

  • Interview Forms (with standard interview questions)

  • Trained Investigator List (both on-site and corporate)

  • Evidence Team Lead List (both on-site and corporate)

  • Laboratory Contacts

  • Go-Box Inventory / Restock Information

  • Software (MindMapping, Visio Viewer, Why Tree Templates, RCA/LCA Reporting Templates)

  • Markers

  • White Board


If you have any questions about the Go-Box, or the Go-BAG, please send us an email.

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