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Leader for Life

Taking Root Cause Analysis Beyond a New Level 
Beyond Equipment
Beyond Systems
Beyond Culture
Beyond Blame
Bringing Leaders to Life

IntroSpect™ Streamlined LCA

     IntroSpect™ is an advanced learning method that streamlines Latent Cause Analysis™, Root Cause Analysis, Human Performance, and Just Culture.  A fantastic process used to help people go to the next level.

There is a leader trapped inside of you that you need to release. IntroSpect™ for individuals does just that. Derived from decades of learning from things that go wrong in industry through root cause analysis. Now this process has been developed to help anyone grow to the next level.

Who should use IntroSpect?

IntroSpect™ is a process, based on sound proven principles, you can use that will change the way you think, change your perception, and change your life for the better.
IntroSpect™ Streamlined LCA
  • Anyone who wants to grow to the next level.

  • Families who want a process that teaches and practices personal accountability.

  • Individuals who need a boost to develop and release the leader inside.

  • Anyone who finds it difficult to change; life is a bit of a rut?

  • Anyone who would like their self-esteem strengthened.

  • The person who would like some things to change but is not sure what needs to change or how to do it?

  • Learn and use a proven process to help people learn the causes of problems and how to improve.

IntroSpect™ - Leader for Life

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A 2 minute short introduction to IntroSpect™

IntroSpect™ is a Virtual product available at your convenience, which includes online instruction, downloadable worksheets, and practical exercises, with "Live" mentoring sessions available monthly.