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Hear from those who've tasted the freedom found hidden in things that go wrong...


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Class Champion

Class Champion

"We have been looking for an investigative method that will help change culture, and this is it.  We have found no other method whose purpose is to change people (and therefore to change culture)."

C. Robert Nelms
founder of Failsafe Network, Inc.
C. Robert Nelms

"Everything we need to know about our existence is staring us right in the face, if we'd only take time to look."

Class Attendee
LCE class attendee

"I've been exposed to many root cause methods, but this one is the most unique, potentially life-changing (and organization-changing) processes imaginable."

Ledcor Group

"After this program, our Front Line Supervision truly understands their roles, and influence - positive or negative, they exert...."

Trinidad Drilling
"The Failsafe training model is a tool for life, not just at work, it works at home and in your personal life. It is a very effective approach..."

Oil and Gas Company
"When I first took the Latent Cause Experience, little did I know how much it would change me as a person..."

From Past Attendees

"The room discussion I liked, and this process due to the fact that we are not looking for someone to hang, but to find a solution.  I wish management would have been here.  4/5"

"I liked the simplicity of the concept.  If performed on minor events throughout a person's work life, many large events can and will be avoided.  The push toward individual accountability in the work place is a welcome tact....  I wish more people could be introduced to this concept.  It is not only applicable to the work place, but everyday life.  I took away two excellent analogies; the cucumber/pickle one and the alignment of the holes in the tube.  Good job Rob!  6+/5"

"I liked:
- Critical thinking about LCA.
- A methodical way to learn from our mistakes.
- A constructive way to move forward after incidents.   5/5"

"I liked the professional presentation, informative material, and the group discussion.  I look forward to participating in LCA's in the future.   5/5"

"I liked the interaction of the group and the challenging of our standard thought process to lay blame.  5/5"

"I liked the honesty and integrity of the trainer - Rob.  How Rob put things in perspective so that I could understand what he was teaching....  I am very impressed with Rob's abilities and dedication!  4.5/5"

"I liked the awareness I got out of the class, that I should look at MYSELF as part of the problem or the possible solution to a problem.  4/5"

"I liked the concept of finding the hidden causes of accidents so we can prevent them in the future.  5/5"

"I liked the fact I learned how small problems will become big problems, so you need to deal with them when they are still small.  I wish I had learned this earlier.  I need to tell my family and friends.   5/5"

"I liked listening to Rob give us the tools we need to change the way I think, the LCA process works.  I liked the practice doing interviews and need more.  4/5"

"Rob is a living example of a true teacher. True teachers have a passion for what they teach that only comes through the “trial-by-fire” experiences of life. Rob has a gut-level belief in the value of Latent Cause Analysis that will not yield to any argument. Rob is an excellent presenter, whose integrity is backed up with many dramatic life-lessons."

"I liked this whole class because it opened my mind up to something new.  I have never been to Root Cause Training so I thoroughly enjoyed this.   5/5"

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