Latent Cause Analysis™


Comments from The Latent Cause Experience™:

"I liked the energy and passion that was expressed.  The discussion was awesome, great dialogue."

"I liked the challenging thoughts.  You could call this a leadership course."

"I liked this process because it focused on fixing a failure, NOT blaming the cause of that failure."

"I liked highlighting how ignoring small failures leads to major failures.  The points about latency and culture were right on target."

The Origin of Latent Cause Analysis


Failsafe Network's Latent Cause Analysis™ methods were born in the chemical industry, starting in the mid 1970's.  Initially, our methods focused on understanding the physics of our problems. Over time, however, it became apparent that people are ultimately responsible for the things they create, whether it is equipment, process, or system related.  While part of our methods continue to address the "physics" of our problems, we introduced the Latent Cause Analysis™ approach to go beyond the physics and require people to see themselves as part of their problems


What Are Latent Causes (according to Failsafe)?


Latent Causes are tendencies that become spoken admissions made by the people who contributed to an incident. People draw their own conclusions about their involvement after being confronted with the evidence by answering, "What is it about the way I am that contributed to this incident?


Latent Cause Analysis can be used as a stand-alone investigative method by your whole organization on large, medium, or small events, or they can be used with any other root cause analysis method. They can even be used by individuals in all walks of life, because they do not depend on software, elaborate training or advanced education. Our Latent Cause Analysis™ model attempts to help people get in touch with the truths they once knew, but perhaps forgot. Once people "remember" these truths, they are with them forever.

"We have found that Failsafe's approach is so different from the piles of sameness that are everywhere that, quite frankly, you have to experience it yourself."

Failsafe offers live training both onsite and virtual, and self-paced online training:

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