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IntroSpect™ for Individuals & Families

IntroSpect™ for Individuals and Families, helping people develop into Leaders for Life.
Product Details
IntroSpect™ for Individuals and Families

Annual Personal License:

The purchase of this product allows you unlimited PERSONAL use for 1 year.

The fee that you paid entitles you to 12 months of usage of any or all IntroSpect™ Modules and Support Materials listed below.

Your purchase of this license includes a one year's subscription to the following:

Introduction to IntroSpect™, with links to:

  • Introduction to IntroSpect™ Video (17 minutes)
  • The “IntroSpect™ Facilitator Guide”
  • The “Basic IntroSpect™ Worksheet”
  • The “IntroSpect™ for Individuals Worksheet”
  • The “IntroSpect™ for Families Flowchart”
  • The “IntroSpect™ for Families Worksheet"

Module 1: IntroSpect™ for Individuals, Part 1:

  • Module 1 Video (33 minutes)
  • Module 1’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 1’s On-line Practice Worksheet
  • Module 1’s Quiz
  • The “Basic IntroSpect Worksheet”

Module 2: IntroSpect for Individuals, Part 2:

  • Module 2 Video (47 minutes)
  • Module 2’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 2’s Quiz
  • The “IntroSpect for Individuals Worksheet”

Module 3: IntroSpect for Teams or Families:

  • Module 3 Video (48 minutes)
  • Module 3’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 3’s Quiz
  • The “IntroSpect for Families Worksheet”
  • The “IntroSpect for Families Flowchart”
  • “IntroSpect Ground Rules”

BONUS: 3 Live Zoom Coaching sessions:

  • Enjoy participating in our interactive Zoom Meetings with IntroSpect™ examples and time for Q&A

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