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What is IntroSpect™?

IntroSpect™ is our newest and most powerful product.

IntroSpect™ is a 5-module video-based experience for individuals, teams, families, or any sort of organization that desires to:

  • Enhance its culture
  • Establish a standard of personal accountability at all levels
  • Create a strong sense of empowerment
  • Enjoy a thriving essence of trust and communication among and between all levels of an organization
  • Create role models through the organization.
  • Learn from SMALL THINGS that go wrong instead of waiting for the BIG THING.
  • Provide an effective platform for problem solving at all levels

IntroSpect™ will change you. It will ask you to contemplate things, either by yourself or with a group. It will suggest some very different ways of looking at the problems in your life – and then encourage you to act differently towards them. It builds upon itself, starting with some life-changing ways of looking at very small problems – but then adding some elements as the complexity of problems increase.

It can be used “in secret,” helping you to “change the way you are” without anyone knowing what you’re up to. It can also be used to help an organization solve its most complex problems.

It is the combined result of age and youth – of over 40 years of industrial application by a seasoned professional and a younger perspective that saw the possibility of this being applied just about everywhere.

IntroSpect™ can either be something people experience on their own, whether it be family members, business partners, industrial employees, or whatever – or it can be facilitated within an organization, that is, driven through it with a specific plan that is provided.

IntroSpect™ is priced in two ways:

Annual IntroSpect™ Facilitator License:

  • to be used at home, or in a community setting
  • or for a corporate-level person to use within a small-group setting to evaluate more substantial use at any particular site.
  • $1,500.00 per year

Site Usage License:

In order to use IntroSpect™ at any particular site, the user must first pay for a “Annual IntroSpect™Facilitator License” as noted above. Then, in addition the site must pay:

  • $10.00 per person at the site where it is to be used


A corporate-level person wishes to test IntroSpect™ in a small group setting. That person must purchase an annual license for $1,500.00 for a Annual IntroSpect™Facilitator License.

After testing the product and seeing the value, that same person wishes to use IntroSpect™ at a 500-person site. To do so, this person would have to pay:

$10.00 times 500 = $5,000.00

for an Annual Site Usage License.

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