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The Latent Cause Analysis VLOG Series

a 12 month subscription


VLOG #18

Note:  sound in actual product is MUCH better than in these samples

The Latent Cause Analysis™️ VLOG Series


Video Blogs (VLOG) recorded C. (Bob) Robert Nelms covers the high-level elements of Latent Cause Analysis™️ in a series of 27 Video Blogs, each one averaging 7 minutes in duration.

This series may be used:

  • as a weekly or monthly basis for safety meetings

  • as a means of augmenting the skills of their investigative teams

  • to help establish an investigative culture that EXPECTS a deeper probe into their problems.

Two of our actual VLOGS are included as examples, but please consider the other titles available below!


This is an online training product.  Additional VLOG's will be added thorughout the year and you will be notified of new content.  When you purchase this product, you will be given access instructions to view these videos for 12 months.  

VLOG Contents

  • VLOG 1: Root Cause Analysis for Culture Change

  • VLOG 2:  The Tragedy of 911

  • VLOG 3:  The Need to SLOW DOWN

  • VLOG 4:  The Lessons of the Dominos

  • VLOG 5:  Focus On The Way You Are Instead of Blaming the Past

  • VLOG 6:  Are You On A Merry-Go-Round?

  • VLOG 7:  What is Latent Cause Analysis?

  • VLOG 8:  Blame is the Enemy

  • VLOG 9:  The LCA Model

  • VLOG 10:  The Challenger Explosion -- Some Thoughts

  • VLOG 11:  Why Investigate Incidents?

  • VLOG 12:  We ALL Need to Learn Something About Ourselves Through SMALL Problems

  • VLOG 13:  Categorize Your Problems

  • VLOG 14:  Establish LCA Advocates

  • VLOG 15:  Initial Duties of the LCA Advocate

  • VLOG 16:  What Is Going Oh Here!

  • VLOG 17:  Stand There And Absorb Evidence

  • VLOG 18:  What Is Evidence?

  • VLOG 19:  What is Evidence - Part 2?

  • VLOG 20:  The 5 Items

  • VLOG 21:  List Evidence To Gather

  • VLOG 22:  Gather Evidence

  • VLOG 23:  Define the Physics

  • VLOG 24:  Who Did What Wrong?

  • VLOG 25:  Understand What Triggered the Behavior

  • VLOG 26:  Actual Versus Desired Thoughts

  • VLOG 27:  Final Questions

The Latent Cause Analysis VLOG Series Price:


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