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Synesis™ Learning Groups


What is Synesis™ Learning?

The concept of Synesis™ Learning understands that employees may be faced with tough decisions between working safely or taking shortcuts in less-than-ideal situations. Synesis helps everyone by taking a proactive approach to learning in the workplace by identifying and addressing actions that may put individuals at risk, and it does it in real-time.   

A successful organization effectively recognizes the risks employees face. It gives them an efficient means to address hazards, reinforce safe behavior, praise positive actions, and understand unsafe acts or conditions, all in the context of the organization’s core values. The result of Synesis Learning Groups is the continuous improvement of conditions and behaviors in the workplace, creating a strong safety culture where unsafe conditions are dealt with and not ignored, often in real-time, by employees themselves.

Synesis gives employees a unique perspective on safety and production that results in improvement while aligning with the organization’s values, vision, and goals.  

Comments from
Synesis™ Learning Classes

“I liked the content and think it was spot on.  This is very deep and I believe it.  Thank you for helping me see I'm not the only one who thinks this way.  I will seek to understand first.”

“I finally understand a safety goal of Zero is achievable and not just a flavor of the month.”

“I really liked the redirection (from what I was used to) for the use and purpose of safety observations.”

"I liked the in depth discussions of complex safety issues.  Very thought provoking."


"I liked the message and the presentation!  It really makes you think & hope to change my behavior & help influence my co-workers behaviors toward safety!"

"I liked the real life examples and stories shared.  I liked the insight into beliefs being a factor in changing behavior.  I believe it!  I also liked the class discussions."​

The Origin of Synesis™ 


Failsafe Network's foundation is Latent Cause Analysis™.  Latent Cause Analysis™ is a process used to understand why things go wrong AFTER an incident occurs.  Synesis uses the concepts of LCA BEFORE an incident occurs.


Every failure investigation has one thing in common; unresolved small problems cause Big problems.  Therefore, Failsafe continually encourages clients to focus on unresolved small problems.  They are easier to address and understand.  In addition, the very same Latent Causes that cause small problems are the ones that will cause Big problems.


In short, Latent Cause Analysis is a great process that improves reliability, changes the way people think, and addresses smaller and smaller problems in order to avoid significant incidents in the future.  With this in mind, we realized that the concepts of Latency and learning groups can be used in real-time to address the problems we face in our day-to-day business.  That is why Failsafe has developed Synesis Learning.  Synesis is from Greek and new Latin and means to bring together, to understand.  Understanding is the key to behavior change.  Most philosophies believe positive reinforcement will change behavior, but they struggle to produce lasting change.  That is why Failsafe has combined the ability of LCA to change behaviors with a straightforward application for real-time problem solving used to identify and address the true causes of problems, Latency.  This happens in real-time through a profound learning process that results in people changing and, therefore, organizations improving.

“Changing the behavior of people … is the most important challenge for businesses trying to compete in a turbulent world.”

Dr. John Kotter

Harvard Business School

In order to avoid complacency, continuously improve, and maintain a healthy balance in life it's important to adjust one's way of thinking. Encouragement, bribery, threats, or punishment cannot bring about lasting success. As humans, we have limitations in terms of how much work we can handle before our performance starts to

Latent Cause Analysis is the key to understanding and change.

decline. To attain sustainable success, we need to change our mindset. It’s essential to comprehend the significance of latency in accomplishing our objectives. Check out one of our Synesis™ Learning classes today!

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