About Failsafe Network, Inc.

Failsafe Network, Inc. was incorporated in February, 1986.  Our focus has always been on "helping people learn from things that go wrong."   


Our understanding of things that go wrong has changed considerably since 1986.  Whereas we originally helped people understand and address the PHYSICS of their problems, that is "how things break," we are now helping people to address the underlying human aspects of just about everything that goes wrong in our lives.

In other words, we have accumulated knowledge about Root Cause Analysis, Latent Cause Analysis™️, Human Performance, and Just Culture.


 It's been a fascinating journey -- and one which we feel honored and privileged to be part of.

C. Robert (Bob) Nelms is the founder and President of Failsafe Network, Inc.  He's a degreed Aerospace Engineer from Texas A&M, graduating in 1969.

Jessica Nelms Hall is Bob's daughter, and has been part of Failsafe since  2014.  She's a degreed Mechanical Engineer from Virginia Tech, graduating in 2014.

We will do anything in our power to help anyone we meet to learn more about THEMSELVES when things go wrong in their lives.