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The Latent Cause Experience

Pre-recorded, Self-paced - ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION

Sample from Module 1

Sample from Module 2

Note:  sound in actual product is MUCH better than in these samples

The Latent Cause Experience

We've listened to your requests and have developed an incident investigation training program that will enable you, an individual, to learn the methodology and teachings of the Latent Cause Experience in your office, at your convenience.


This Product is recommended for:


  • Individuals, teams, and organizations that are experiencing problems in need of investigation

  • Individuals, teams, and organizations that wished to attend the LIVE training before it became unavailable.

  • Past class attendees who might need a refresher

  • Note:  this product is used as one of the major training aids for Failsafe's Affiliates


Through a narrated series of the same presentation slides that were used during the live classes, as well as many embedded videos to help make some key points, you'll be able to experience the 4-day Latent Cause Experience at your own pace for 12 months.


This is an on-line training product.  When you purchase this product, you will be given access instructions to view this class on-line for 12 months.  You may also purchase a binder with all the presentation slides and support materials.


  • 12 months of 24/7 access to our on-line version of "The Latent Cause Experience"

  • same binder material as live, 4-day class (optional)

  • 10 modules of narrated slides, just as it is presented in the class

  • 8.5 total hours of narrated presentation (2 narrators, male and female)

  • ALL of "Bob's" memorable stories

    • Moses, Ellis Nester, and Nirmal

    • The Black Widow Spider

    • The Good Farmer and the Bad Farmer

    • The Case of the Mildewing AC Vents

    • John and the White Corvette

    • The Billion Dollar Failure

    • and more 

Module Contents

  • Module 1: Introduction to Latent Cause Analysis | Size: 190 MB | Time: 1:03:03

  • Module 2:  The LCA Model | Size: 60 MB | Time:  0:20:01

  • Module 3:  The Challenger Explosion | Size: 131.2 MB | Time:  0:53:45

  • Module 4: The Importance of Inculcating an LCA Mentality within an Organization | Size:124.4 MB | Time:  0:47:19

  • Module 5:  Evidence, Evidence, Evidence | Size: 268.1 MB | Time:  1:53:52

  • Module 6:  The Importance of Involving the Stakeholders | Size: 65.6 MB | Time:  0:27:41

  • Module 7:  Helping the Stakeholders Identify the Causes of the Event | Size: 97.2 MB | Time:  0:50:35

  • Module 8:  The Most Important Causes:  LATENT Causes | Size: 133.5 MB | Time:  1:11:54

  • Module 9:  Making Sure Learning's are Spread | Size: 85.7 MB | Time:  0:42:3

  • Module 10:  How to Make Sure the Process does not Die | Size: 95.20 MB | Time:  0:18:45

  • TOTAL | 1,251 MB | Approx 8.5 hours of instruction