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C. Robert Nelms Failsafe Network, Inc

Hello. It is my hope to help you (and myself as well) learn from things that go wrong. Things that go wrong in our lives have the unique ability of being able to teach us things that nothing else can teach. I hope you will enjoy the course.

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Seminar Delegate from
Ledcor Group

I liked the soul searching Latent Cause Analysis allows me to complete within myself.

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"Bob” Nelms has helped thousands of individual people at all levels of their organizations to "see their roles differently" by helping to understand that they are part of the problem.  Failsafe is now poised to help greater thousands of people, world-wide, through its unique and powerful approach to "learning from things that go wrong!”.

Failsafe Network is comprised of passionate trainers and investigators who are ready to assist organizations through the teaching and discovery of Latent Cause Analysis, our brand of Root Cause Analysis.