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Developing Leaders for Life

Latent Cause Analysis™ 

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How to LEARN from failure (6 minute Video)

Latent Cause Analysis truth

Go beyond equipment, procedures, processes and people. 
Latent Cause Analysis™ (LCA) is a unique process leading all involved through a life-changing experience of "seeing ourselves as part of our problems" in a way that we are motivated to "act" on what we have seen.
LCA is a culture change process that results in increased personal accountability all while eliminating future defects and improving your business.


IntroSpect™ is a streamlined learning method for individuals, groups, and families that we have developed over 40 years of learning from things that go wrong using Latent Cause Analysis™, root cause analysis, Just Culture, and Human Performance.  


IntroSpect™ will change you, and everyone else who experiences it.  Using it will eliminate BLAME, but ingrain INTROSPECTION resulting in developing Leaders for Life.

Latent Cause Analysis™

Latent Cause Analysis™ (LCA) is Failsafe's brand of root cause analysis.  LCA has been our FLAGSHIP methodology, as well as the foundation for our PREMIER TRAINING OPPORTUNITY -- The Latent Cause Experience™.

LCA is a an eye opening process used to understand why things go wrong while addressing all levels of causes; physical, human, and latent. 


Routinely applied, an organization realizes improved reliability, and an improved culture of trust through learning, and accountability.


Failsafe Network's foundation is Latent Cause Analysis™, a process used to understand why things go wrong.  It is used AFTER an incident occurs.  Synesis uses the concepts of LCA BEFORE an incident occurs.


Synesis, identifies and addresses the true causes of At-Risk Behaviors, Latency.  This happens real time and results in lasting change because people see the need and desire to change, not because of an edict or reward.

"If you are in need of a culture shift, then you simply MUST experience Failsafe's products."

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