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Latent Cause Analysis 101

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Discover what Latent Cause Analysis is, the basic process, and the ultimate objective. 


IntroSpect™ will change you, and everyone else who experiences it.  Using it will eliminate BLAME, but ingrain INTROSPECTION within you and your workforce.

IntroSpect™  is a self-paced, 5-module VideoScribe-based experience that will help you and your people do something about THEMSELVES instead of blaming other people and things.

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Latent Cause Analysis™


LCA™ has been our FLAGSHIP methodology, as well as the foundation for our PREMIER TRAINING OPPORTUNITY -- "The Latent Cause Experience."

It provides the most comprehensive, in-depth probe into why things go wrong that we offer.  Learn how to perform a Latent Cause Analysis™ by attending "The Latent Cause Experience" live or by experiencing one of  our online training options.

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