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Latent Cause Analysis
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Developing Leaders for Life

Latency causes problems 

Understanding Latency is the key to improving your business or life.  Latency is difficult to see, yet it exists within each of us and contributes to things that go wrong around us. Failsafe provides a life-changing experience ...

Beyond root cause, beyond human performance...

Beyond root cause, beyond human performance...

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Latent Cause Analysis truth

... that assists individuals and organizations in identifying and understanding Latency. By consistently addressing latency, we can create a culture of trust, where personal accountability is celebrated, and blame is a thing of the past. 

Latent Cause Experience™

Latent Cause Analysis™ (LCA) is our unique methodology, and the foundation for our PREMIER TRAINING OPPORTUNITY -- The Latent Cause Experience™.

Ideal for organizations seeking to improve both human and organizational performance.


LCA transforms the mindset of the organization by changing the way people perceive failure and its causes through a focus on understanding rather than blaming. This approach enhances communication, teaches a practical investigative method, and transforms work culture.

Culture Consultants

We understand that people are the key to an organization's fulfillment of its potential. We collaborate with clients to cultivate healthy work relationships, improving communication through trust.


We use the principles and techniques gleaned over the years as our tools and day-to-day operations as the crucible. The results we deliver in real time are not just valuable; they're gold.


With 40 years of experience we excel at helping people learn from things that go wrong.  


IntroSpect™ is a streamlined learning method for individuals, small groups, and families.


We developed IntroSpect from over 40 years of learning from things that go wrong using Latent Cause Analysis™, root cause analysis, Just Culture, and Human Performance.  


IntroSpect™ improves people's quality of life.  It will change you, and everyone else who experiences it.  Using it will eliminate BLAME, but ingrain INTROSPECTION resulting in developing Leaders for Life.

"If you are in need of a culture shift, then you simply MUST experience Failsafe's products."

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