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We have something we'd like to share that could quite literally

change your life

as well as those lives around you.

It has its genesis in "Root Cause Analysis," but it goes WAY BEYOND where all known RCA approaches are going.

It addresses the real "root" of all our problems:

OURSELVES.. the most constructive manner imaginable.

It has 2 main tenets which, if embraced, can be used when encountering problems in all facets of life.

We wish it would be embraced as the world copes with COVID-19.

Please register to hear more about these 2 main tenets of Latent Cause Analysis.  

It will be a LIVE webinar, with time for questions.  I'll also poll the audience a few times to see how you're responding to the messages.

C. Robert Nelms

Your Host

C. Robert (Bob) Nelms

C. Robert (Bob) Nelms has been involved with Event Learning activities since 1974. 

He is a degreed Aerospace Engineer, having graduated from Texas A&M in 1969.  He worked for McDonnell Douglas on the F-4 Phantom Jet from 1970 until 1974 when he became employed by Allied Chemical Corporation in Chesterfield, Virginia.  It was here than he became fascinated with the subject of "things that go wrong."

After investigating the causes of many small, medium, and large problems in the 1970s and early 1980's, he started developing a method that others could use to provide more consistent and helpful results.

In 1985, Bob became so enamored with "failure and its causes" that he formed his own company:  Failsafe Network, Inc.

Since then, he has continually modified and adjusted his methods as he learned more from the thousands of people he's met from all over the world in the live classes that he has taught.

He's a father of 5, married to a wonderful and supportive woman and lives in the Blue Ridge of Virginia.

Why not ask some friends to join you for this presentation!