Organizing for IntroSpect


Discover... to EASILY set up your whole business to IntroSpect™, no matter how large or small your business


  • A plan to ingrain the concepts of IntroSpect™ throughout your organization

  • Where and how to start

  • About how to start with only ONE IntroSpect™ advocate, no matter how large your business

  • What's inside our IntroSpect™ Facilitator's Guide

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Start with this module.  You'll see how effective and practical this can be, no matter what else you are presently doing.

This could take you to a whole new level in organizational and personal performance.


Self-facilitated 20 minute VideoScribe

IntroSpect™ Advocate's Facilitator Guide

Basic IntroSpect™ Worksheet

IntroSpect™ for Individuals Worksheet

IntroSpect™ for Teams Worksheet

IntroSpect™ for Teams Flowchart