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Annual Personal License

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Annual Personal License:

The purchase of this product allows you unlimited PERSONAL use for 1 year. You might also want to view this product with a small group of reviewers to evaluate its use in training others at your site. In this case, you also have to purchase an Annual Site Usage License, where you may use it for your own edification, or you may purchase it with the intent of using it to train other people at your site.

The fee that you paid entitles you to 12 months of usage of any or all IntroSpect™ Modules and Support Materials for the purpose of determining its broader corporate or community use.

Additional funding of $10.00 per site employee is required for broader use of these materials.

Your purchase of this licence includes a one year's subscription to the following:

Module 1: IntroSpect for Individuals, Part 1, with links to:

  • Module 1 Video (33 minutes)
  • Module 1’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 1’s On-line Practice Worksheet
  • Module 1’s Quiz
  • The “Basic IntroSpect Worksheet”

Module 2: IntroSpect for Individuals, Part 2, with links to:

  • Module 2 Video (47 minutes)
  • Module 2’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 2’s Quiz
  • The “IntroSpect for Individuals Worksheet”

Module 3: IntroSpect for Teams or Families, with links to:

  • Module 3 Video (48 minutes)
  • Module 3’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 3’s Quiz
  • The “IntroSpect for Teams Worksheet”
  • The “IntroSpect for Teams Flowchart”
  • “IntroSpect Ground Rules”

Module 4: IntroSpect for High Consequence Events, with links to:

  • Module 4 Video (90 minutes)
  • Module 4’s Discussion Questions
  • Module 4’s Quiz
  • The “IntroSpect for High Consequence Events EVIDENCE TEAM’S ACTIVITIES”
  • The “IntroSpect for High Consequence Events STAKEHOLDER TEAM’S ACTIVITIES”
  • “IntroSpect Ground Rules”
  • “Suggested Accountability Contract”
  • The “IntroSpect for High Consequence Events Worksheet”

Module 5: Organizing for IntroSpect, with links to:

  • Module 5 Video (17 minutes)
  • The “IntroSpect Advocate’s Facilitator Guide”
  • The “Basic IntroSpect Worksheet”
  • The “IntroSpect for Individuals Worksheet”
  • The “IntroSpect for Teams Flowchart”
  • The “IntroSpect for Teams Worksheet"

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