Is Your Site Struggling With:

  • The need to change culture?

  • A lack of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY at all levels?

  • Upper levels BLAMING lower levels, and lower levels BLAMING upper levels?

  • A Root Cause Analysis process that AVOIDS getting into important HUMAN ISSUES?

  • Having to fill out FORMS when things go wrong, but never really learning anything?

  • Not having the BUDGET to spend enormous amounts of money on Root Cause Analysis Training?

Taking Root Cause Analysis to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL


Beyond Equipment

Beyond Blame

Beyond Systems

and even

Beyond Culture

In this FREE WEBCAST, You Will Learn:

  • A totally new way to look at and perform ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS

  • A way for you to improve any CULTURE that struggles with the BLAME GAME.

  • That although addressing the "system" is important, addressing OURSELVES in MOST IMPORTANT

  • How to help yourself and others change THEMSELVES before they end up causing a problem.

  • THE NEXT STEP in Root Cause and Latent Cause Analysis:  IntroSpect™️

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The Blame Paradox!

As Presented by C. Robert Nelms at the 2019 HPRCT in Colorado Springs, CO

Includes 6 INTERESTING Audience Participation POLLS

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