IntroSpect™ for High Consequence Events

When it is vital to know the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth

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Incorporates all of Failsafe's Most Effective Methods

Learn about:

  • How to lead investigations into the most complex of issues.

  • The two types of teams:  the EVIDENCE team and the STAKEHOLDER team

  • Evidence -- what it is, how to gather and summarize it

  • The Vector Approach™ to evidence gathering

  • How to use evidence to change people

  • The phenomenal power of our IntroSpect Stakeholder Meeting™

Accountability Contract

Recognizing the ALL failure is caused by PEOPLE, and that all people learn IN RETROSPECT:

  • All people that contributed to this event will be considered a STAKEHOLDER

  • All STAKEHOLDERS will be part of this IntroSpection

  • No stakeholder will be allowed to blame this incident on any other person or thing.  Instead, all stakeholders will be required to see themselves as PART of the causes of the incident.

  • In return for this open and honest reflection, the management of this organization promises that they will not punish anyone as a result of this IntroSpection.


Self-facilitated 90 minute VideoScribe

On-line discussion questions

On-line quiz

IntroSpect™ for High Consequence Events EVIDENCE TEAMS FLOWCHART

IntroSpect™ for High Consequence Events STAKEHOLDER TEAMS FLOWCHART

IntroSpect™ Ground Rules

Suggested Accountability Contract

IntroSpect™ for High Consequence Events Worksheet