IntroSpect will change you and those around you.  It can be used alone, or with others.  It is the combined result of age and youth.  It's unlike anything you have seen before.

It's up to you. 

"You can either blame or IntroSpect."

It's True

Things go wrong in our lives for a reason.

There is something about ourselves that we need to learn.

This is true at work, at school, or at home.

It's true for small things that go wrong, as well as large ones.

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What is IntroSpect™️?

It is a 5 module VideoScribe-based experience -- interspersed with on-line discussion questions, quizzes, and practice sessions.  It's for individuals, teams, families, or any sort of organization that desires to:

  • Provide an effective platform for problem solving at all levels

  • Enhance its culture

  • Establish a standard of personal accountability at all levels

  • Create a strong sense of empowerment

  • Enjoy a thriving essence of trust and communication among and between all levels of an organization

  • Create positive role models