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Virtual Latent Cause Analysis™ Level 1 LIVE

WEBINAR MARCH 16 & 17 10am - 3pm EST
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This "LIVE" virtual training will change your attitude towards “failure” and its causes. These two 4-hour sessions (one each day) will challenge you and your organization to change the way you think. You will work through a real incident experienced in industry applying the technique of Latent Cause Analysis™.

Key Topics:
• Understand how to perform Latent Cause Analysis™
• Learn the ROOTS™ investigative process
• Analyze the 3 P’s of Evidence
• Most importantly, discover how to learn from things that go wrong without hurting people in the process.

Latent Cause Analysis™ Level 1 focuses on the lower consequence events that seem to be ignored or not addressed. These unresolved small problems are what cause significant events. Learn to address these incidents before you need to issue a press release. Two days from 8-10am MST and 11-1pm MST.

Contact us for a group DISCOUNT.

Busy that day? The replay will be available to ALL registrants for viewing at your convenience for 1 year.

Included with the fee for virtual training is a Failsafe “Go Bag” downloadable with the class workbook, forms, and an eBook.

Download LCA Level 1 Brochure HERE!

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