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Register for the Latent Cause Experience™, March 4-7, 2024, Great Wolf Lodge, Dallas, TX

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The Latent Cause Experience™ and a fun filled resort for the family. Bring the family for a working Vacation at The Great Wolf Lodge and Resort.

This seminar* was designed for organizations desiring to add a latent cause mentality to their culture. It is Failsafe’s foundational seminar.

The seminar will change the way people think about “failure and its causes” – and will engender within the participant “a reluctance to blame and a desire to understand.” This is accomplished by leading the class through a real “latent cause analysis,” step-by-step – allowing attendees to discuss, ask questions, and think every step of the way. In this manner, a practical, proven investigative method is taught, demonstrated, and practiced by every attendee.

Leaders will learn how to LEAD an investigation.

Participants will learn how to PARTICIPATE in an investigation.

Managers will learn how to SUPPORT the investigate process.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, underlying concepts are ingrained within each attendee so that he/she will use them in all facets of life – both inside and outside the workplace, big problems or small.

According to many attendees:

"I've been exposed to many root cause methods, but this one is the most unique, potentially life-changing (and organization-changing) processes imaginable."


“This has been one of the most significant weeks in my professional life. I wish I would have had it many years ago.”

NOTE: All participants will receive a Course Book; a 3" binder with the seminar presentations, forms, exercises, and a USB with all the electronic files. Coffee and snacks morning and afternoon will be provided daily for all class attendees. A class Champion will be recognized and each attendee will have the opportunity to earn a certificate of successful completion for the 4-day Latent Cause Experience™.

Location: Great Wolf Lodge resort offers an 80,000-square-foot indoor water park and exciting land attractions for the entire family. We feature kid-friendly activities, a range of dining options, interactive games, an adult-friendly wine down service, and more — all under one roof. Book now and prepare your pack for adventure. Call the Great Wolf Customer Contact Center at 1-866-962-9653 or visiting their website at

Registering a Group for the 4-day LCE? Contact us for Group Discounts:

* Minimum class size required (12). Refunds will be given if class is canceled.

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