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Annual SITE/PERSONAL Subscription to our Self-Paced Latent Cause Experience™

Usage Policy and Suggested Purchase Options

  • This is a ANNUAL SITE/PERSONAL SUBSCRIPTION. You will be notified in about 1 year to see if you'd like to renew your subscription.

  • The copying and/or redistribution of any of our narrated videos are strictly prohibited.

  • These videos are for PERSONAL USE ONLY or at a SINGLE SITE, or to view with a small group to evaluate its use in a larger context.
  • Each SITE for which this product is to be used must purchase its own subscription.
  • EACH SITE must also pay $100 per person at that site (employees and contractors).
  • These videos will be available 24/7, on-line, and will be updated as we improve the product. Minor updates will be available to purchasers 24/7 at no additional charge. Major updates, when they occur, will be made available to previous purchasers at a discount.

  • When purchasing a downloadable binder, copies can NOT be made unless a SITE USAGE LICENSE is obtained.

  • We will un-authorize any user that violates our policies and will pursue any violation to the fullest extent of the law.

  • NOTE: Purchasing any of our products indicates you have read and agree to abide with our usage policy

Our standard recommended Self-Paced purchase is:

  1. Self-Paced, Narrated Video Version of The Latent Cause Experience (SKU SP-Video)
  2. Annual SELF-PACED Latent Cause Experience Site Usage License (SKU SP-SU)
  3. Self-Paced Binder with Black and White Internals (SKU SP-BW-B)

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