Interested in Becoming a 

Certified IntroSpect Facilitator?

It's Easy!

We've designed IntroSpect™ to be self-facilitated -- that is, virtually anyone should be able to purchase a licence and follow our instructions to use this product within any organization.


However, we've learned that some people are hesitant to use IntroSpect™ without seeing someone else demonstrate it first.  YOU can be that person!

The following is what you'll need to do to become an Official IntroSpect™ Facilitator:

  1. Declare your intent to be an IntroSpect™ Facilitator by emailing Failsafe.

  2. Purchase an Annual Facilitator Licence for $1,500.00.

  3. View each of the 5 modules

  4. Pass each modules' quiz with at least a 75% score


Once you accomplish the above 4 steps, we'll place your name and photo on our website, declaring you to be an Certified IntroSpect™ Facilitator

We highly suggest that our Certified IntroSpect™ Facilitators promote and use IntroSpect™ as they see fit (abiding by our IntroSpect™ pricing structure).  When our Facilitators "sell" IntroSpect™ to one of their own clients in this manner, we will pass along 50% of the sale to that Facilitator for that client's first year's use along with 75% of any consulting fees that the Certified IntroSpect™ Facilitator might charge.


We will also point any requests for this type of facilitation to the appropriate web page and ask them to select their Facilitator of Choice, but please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will be called.  However, we can guarantee that ALL requests for this type service will be passed along to our Certified IntroSpect™ Facilitators.  

Not sure?

Purchase IntroSpect, RISK FREE for 30 days.  If you do not think IntroSpect™️ will work for you, return it for a full refund (within 30 days).