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Affiliate Program

especially designed for people that have been exposed to Failsafe's trainings in the past

Are you an Independent Consultant that wishes to add to your offering's?


Become a Failsafe Affiliate!

Becoming a Failsafe Affiliate will allow you to qualify for the following certifications:


Become a Certified Latent Cause Analysis™️ Trainer:  Use any of our Latent Cause Analysis ™️ training materials in any way you wish -- either off the shelf or with your own modifications.  Use them with your own clients.  We will place your photo and contact information on our web site to help market your services.

The following is what you'll need to do to become a Certified Latent Cause Analysis™️ Trainer:

  1. Declare you intent to be a Failsafe Affiliate by emailing Failsafe.

  2. Purchase an Annual Failsafe Affiliate Licence for $2,500.00

  3. Pass our Online Latent Cause Analysis™️ Certification Test with a score of 80% or higher.

  4. Agree to share any and all training materials with Failsafe prior to usage and accept our refusal for usage if it does not satisfactorily represent Failsafe's methods,

  5. Agree to pass along 20% of any profits from your training to Failsafe Network, Inc.

  6. Sign our Failsafe Affiliate Agreement.

Once you accomplish the above, we will grant you access to all of our training materials, including our PowerPoint slides, PDF's, supportive videos, our Self-Paced Latent Cause Experience Class, and our newest product:  IntroSpect.


Become an Certified IntroSpect Facilitator:   Although we have designed IntroSpect™ to be self-facilitated by the user themselves, we have learned that some people are hesitant to use IntroSpect™ without seeing someone else demonstrate it first.  YOU could be this person!

In order to become a Certified IntroSpect™ Facilitator, you must first become a Failsafe Affiliate by purchasing the Annual Affiliate Licence for $2,500.00 and signing the Affiliate agreement.  If you have already purchased the Annual Affiliate Licence and signed the agreement per the above, you need NOT purchase it again.  Once you have purchased and signed the Licence Agreement:

  1. Declare your intent to be an IntroSpect™ Facilitator by emailing Failsafe.

  2. View each of the 5 IntroSpect™️ modules

  3. Pass each modules quiz with at least a 80% score

  4. Agree to pass along 20% of any profits from your facilitation to Failsafe Network, Inc. as stated in the Affiliate Agreement.


Special Notes:


  • We will reduce our Affiliate fees for persons who live in other countries where considerable cost-of-living differences exist compared to the USA.  We use www.expatistan.com to obtain cost of living data.

  • Although we will pass along any and all training requests to our Affiliates,  we highly suggest that all our Affiliates promote themselves (as opposed to waiting for Failsafe to promote them).

  • Affiliates who "sell" Annual Usage Licenses for IntroSpect™ or our Self-Paced Latent Cause Experience™ to one of their own clients will receive 50% of the sale for that client's first year's use.

  •  Once you become a Certified Affiliate, we will place your photo and contact information in a prominent place on our website.